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Jeremy and Josh met on a service trip in Patagonia and quickly bonded over their love of basketball, crazy entrepreneurial ideas, and the outdoors. On that trip, they vowed to start a business together and believed there were many overlooked opportunities in the home service sector.

Fast forward a few years, Jeremy was on his computer and read a paper about the staggering environmental benefits of updated insulation. So, he looked upstairs and realized that his own insulation is painfully out of date. He then called 8 different installation contractors and none of them even picked up the phone!

Jeremy decided to call up his old friend, Josh, and Terra Insulation was born. Josh is BPI certified and Jeremy brings years of experience to the team. 

We believe that by providing great customer service and by taking the time to do quality installations, we can make it easy for customers to update their insulation, slowing global warming. 

We are also donating a portion of our revenue to environmental non-profits to further protect the planet from the dangerous effects of global warming


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