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A free attic inspection we will address a couple of things. We will take a look at their current insulation levels. We want to see how much insulation they need to meet the required levels. We will be looking at air leaks which need to be sealed. We will be looking at the attic ventilation. We will be able to asses if they need more ventilation. We will be looking at health and safety concerns. Attics spaces above bathrooms tend to get moldy due to improper bathroom exhaust ventilation. We will then offer solutions on how to fix the attic to make your home more comfortable, save money on your energy bill, save wear and tear on your Air conditioner.

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No, all estimates are free with no obligations.
No, this service fits best for signle family homes, townhomes and rowhouses
Yes, we do removal of older insulation! This is decided on a couple of factors at the time of the inspection.

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