Federal Tax Credits

insulating walls to improve home's energy efficiency

09/26/2022 Update: The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act has increases tax credits from the $500 amount listed below to $1,200. This is new information that we will share once we know more and can link the proper forms and instructions.

Receive $500 Federal Tax Credit for Residential Insulation and Air Sealing!

The residential energy property credit is a federal tax credit that residents completing insulation work with us can take advantage of.  This tax credit incentive is made to encourage homeowners to update the energy efficiency of their homes.  Updating your windows, doors, roofs, skylights, or Air Sealing and Insulation are qualifying projects that residential taxpayers can receive a credit for.  This credit is for 10% of the cost upto $500.  To take advantage of this tax credit, make sure to file form 5695 when filing your tax return.


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