Soundproofing and Insulation

insulating walls to improve home's energy efficiency

Soundproofing and Insulation

Insulation does not only make you more comfortable in your home because it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, it also can help with soundproofing.

The best insulation for soundproofing is closed-cell sprayfoam. This insulation can be sprayed on walls, attics or in between floors. People note that there is less noise pollution from overhead airplanes with closed cell foam is applied to an attic. The process of installing closed cell sprayfoam to an existing home is fairly simple and requires access to the attic.

Applying closed-cell sprayfoam to walls is a little bit more difficult in existing homes with drywall up. This would require tearing down all the existing drywall which can get expensive. We recommend only going this route while a home is being built before drywall has been installed.

Rockwool Batted insulation is also a good option for soundproofing walls however this would also require removing drywall.

Dense-pack cellulose is a great option for homeowners who currently have drywall installed and would like extra soundproofing. Dense -Pack Cellulose is an application method were 2-inch holes are drilled from the interior or exterior of the home. We then blow in Cellulose to fill the entire cavity. When a cavity is “densley-packed” (3.5 lbs of cellulose per cubic foot) air or sound is no longer able to pass through it.

ApplicationBest OptionSecond Best Option 
Existing Home WallsDense-Packed CelluloseGreen-Glue 
Existing Home AtticClosed Cell SprayfoamOpen Cell Sprayfoam 
Existing Home Between FloorsDense-Packed CelluloseGreen Glue 
New Construction AtticClosed Cell SprayfoamOpen Cell Sprayfoam 
New Construction WallsClosed Cell SprayfoamRockwool 
New Construction Between FloorsClosed Cell SprayfoamRockwool 



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