Save Money with Rebates

Pepco & BGE offer rebates for adding insulation to your home. Insulation and air-sealing are shown to dramatically lower your energy bills and improve the comfortability of your home.

How it Works!

The Process is quick and easy. 

  1. Sign up for a Home Energy Audit with us
  2. We perform a comprehensive energy audit within days of you signing up
  3. After sending the information to your utility provider, We send you a report and tell you how much money your utility will pay for the project
  4. We give you a estimate for upgrading your home’s insulation and immediately apply the rebate as a discount

How Much Will PEPCO and BGE Offer in Rebates

We try to maximize the amount of rebates for every customer. You can receive up to $7,500 or 75% off of our estimate price. The amount of rebates are dependent on your existing insulation levels.

Want to Sign Up?

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